Friday, November 6, 2009

Sassy replys in the waiting

For the mummies and grumpies who buy products without taking any sort of responsibilities and then don't like them and want a full refund, my future reply is "we are not Walmart." Oh, we may take the damn thing back and take a loss, but I will stretch it out and attempt to drum up some guilt from you. I think "renting" from Walmart is gross and shameful. I find the process of buying, really using, and returning things extremely distasteful, even if it is at Walmart. Maybe Walmart can take the hit, but it creates this mentality amongst people that they should be able to do that everywhere. Customers bring back a thing because "they don't think they like it."

Maybe it is just me. I never shop like that. I may listen to a clerk's opinion, but I would never take it as complete truth. I think deeply about every item and imagine it in my life. I consult the internet. I consult friends. I investigate the intricacies of the return policy. Then I make my decision. I have the power as the consumer, but I also have the responsibility. Nobody makes anyone buy anything.

Manipulating clerks and threatening that people didn't do their jobs because you want to return something is Tacky. Do not do it. And lady with all the citrus accessories? I mean you. Your kids seem nice; hopefully they won't take after you.

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  1. I work for a small local store, and "We are not Walmart" was my go-to response for customers who brought back used product. Especially when you start your tirade by claiming "Well, at Walmart/Sears/other-big-name-store, they would take it back!" Especially since the receipt you just pushed in my face includes our return policy, which states in capital letters USED PRODUCT CANNOT BE RETURNED. *sigh*

    Btw, I found your site through a Readers Digest link, and I've spent the past half hour reading through your posts and giggling to myself. My boyfriend periodically looks up at me like I'm crazy. I heart your site!