Sunday, February 17, 2013

Somebody smells like breakfast

Last Sunday there were some customers that smelled like hashbrowns.  Many people come shopping directly after brunch, but rarely do they smell so delicious.  It was almost cruel.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pink Ladies

In my years in retail, I have noticed a rare and special type of customer:  the pink lady.  You might not know just by looking at her that she is a pink lady, though her shoes, bag, and coat might all be pink.  She might just be color coordinating.  You start to figure it out though when you see her handle merchandise.  She goes for the pink spatula, the pink towels, the pink pillow, or colors that go with pink if there is no pink available.  And sometimes when you talk with her the details come out:  she has a pink kitchen, living room, bathroom, life.

I love pink ladies, and not just because I have a fondness for the color myself.  In my experience, pink ladies are jolly, understanding, and enthusiastic.  They are also obsessive, but in a good and happy way, unlike beige ladies, who are usually stressfully obsessive.

Interactions with true pink ladies are precious and few.  If you have one today, savor it.

Update 2-17-13:  Yesterday I watched the movie Sassy Pants and it is an example of Bad Pink.  The overbearing mother in the movie keeps her 18 year-old home-schooled daughter in pink and reminds her that it's her "favorite color!  Everything she has is pink!".  Pink is not charming when it is forced.

I have a return

This is one of the aspects of returns that I don't understand:  when people feel comfortable returning grotty, well-used merchandise.  Someone returned this back brush because it looked like this after a few months.  Though you cannot see in the picture, the bristles are quite squished.  I don't know if I damn or condone this behavior.  I am trying to imagine how you get to a point where you can bring something small and disgusting back to a store without shame.  I probably would have just thrown the brush away or put it in the compost or wood pile (wood handle!  natural bristles!) and not bought the brush again if I wasn't happy with it.  Maybe that is why I'm poor.  Mmm.  Things to think about.