Friday, June 4, 2010

"Not my fault"

Here's another What Not To Do. Because it's tacky. A customer returned this lime squeezer because it broke the "first time" she used it. Of course she didn't have her receipt but we found that she had bought it over a year ago. Nearly everyone that returns anything always claims it broke the first time they used it, no matter when they purchased it. Um, yea right.

So I was giving her a store credit because she was being all Squeaky Wheel and I just didn't want to hear it. Whenever I do this, I have the little speech where I rattle off the return policy just so I can say that I did, but let them know this is a special exception. I say it in the nicest way, without throwing too much guilt or blame. The idea is to let them feel guilty on their own. Anyway, as I was doing my little speech and handing her the gift card, she says "it's not my fault it broke." But it kind of is her fault, actually, after a year of misuse. She just had to have the last word. Repellent. Gross.

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