Thursday, July 22, 2010

Highlights of the June

- The lady that was worried that the sun would fade her white cotton sofa: what are you afraid of?? That it will be a whiter white?? Your worries do not make sense. Shut up.

- The lady that used the public restroom and then told me that My Bathroom was out of "supplies." It will get taken care of on schedule, just as it always does. And, I am not the building custodian.

- There is a customer man, a "regular" you might say, that comes in and buys stuff and is nice enough, but he has crossed a line. That line where you go from making pleasant small talk to taking the clerks hostage. They have to be nice to you. Don't talk at them. When every conversation leads to you telling a crazy story about yourself, you are abusing the clerk/customer relationship.

- I love to hear customers use nicknames. The latest I've heard: Blossom and Buddha.

- It is WAY tacky to buy placemats, use them for your party, and then return them to the store. I have said this before. It is still unacceptable. DO NOT do it. You are gross if you do.

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