Sunday, October 21, 2012

Screw thy neighbor

I dislike when customers use "shopping local" in a threatening manner.  Like, "I want to shop local, but . . ." only if you comply with my absurd demands and take my abuse with a smile.

These are not the people asking for the best price or about upcoming sales or returning merchandise that truly did not perform.  It's more like, "I think this $400 U.S. made chair should cost $75" and "If you don't take back this pan that I burnt to my stove, then I won't register here next spring when I get married and I'll tell all my friends not to register here.  And I don't have a receipt."

Not that such behavior is ever excusable, but it is especially horrifying when you consider that we are a small business and these are people we will see out in the community.  I feel equal parts hate and pity for them.  All I can do is stand my ground and hope for karmic justice.  And hope I get to watch.

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