Monday, November 19, 2012

countdown to T-day

We are starting to feel the panic and desperation as customers realize that Thanksgiving is on Thursday.    Customers found all sorts of ways to be impatient and take cuts in line, my favorite being, "I just have a question."  And that question requires a 30 minute response and a personal tour of the store.

Also, many customers seemed to be drunk.  Whether it is a lifestyle choice or Sunday afternoon recreation, it is all annoying.  If normal people are impatient and indignant, drunk people are doubly so, regardless of the absurdity of their questions.

I want everyone to settle down, accept that you can't have everything you want all the time always and go eat some flippin' turkey.


  1. Please stop deleting's such a tease to be able to read a few sentences only to find out the blog "does not exist" anymore. :(

  2. I will try to stop that. Lately, I have become very paranoid about my posts not being as well thought out as I want them to be. I post something and then wake up in a panic thinking that I didn't express myself properly or the post is not funny enough. I did not consider how completely annoying that would be to someone that actually reads my blog. Thank you for your feedback!