Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday

I'm sure you were all wondering what this clerk thinks about Black Friday and how Thanksgiving is basically Black Friday now too.

(Side note:  I love the idea of a holiday that is multiple days having a singular-type name, like Dia de los Muertos.  One of my co-workers was wondering if it was November 1 or 2.  There were arguments.  The internet says it is both, so there.  Also, when internet researching, one might read how before the Spanish colonization of Mexico, this celebration occurred at the end of summer.  The holiday was picked up and moved to another time and it stuck.  I'm not saying that was good or bad, but just want to point that out.)

If one more person asks me what I am doing for Thanksgiving, I might freak out.  Our store is not open on Thanksgiving, so I will not be working.  People tell me how great that is, an extra day off.  I don't mention that I am missing a whole day of pay.  I will be spending the day with my spouse, but we will not be with our families because they are too far away.  It is ONE DAY and if anyone thinks it is weird that I don't travel during some of the worst weather of the year to watch my relatives stuff their faces and pass out on the couch, those people are stupid.

I guess I feel bad for people if they have to work and really want to be with their families.  But I do have to say, if you work in retail, you should probably expect it?  Why can you only get together with your family on the 3rd Thursday of November?  What about the 1st Thursday in October, or even the 2nd Thursday in November?  Can you not be Thankful and gluttonous another day?  Think of how great it would feel when people ask you what you are doing for Thanksgiving, you tell them you're working, they say "aw" and feel sorry for you, and then you come back with "oh, we had our Thanksgiving last week and it was fantastic!  We avoided all the hype and pomp and made it about what is really important to us:  family."  Or whatever is important to you.

Also, let us remember the people who always work holidays.  I've had my garbage picked up on Christmas before.  It was a holiday, but it was still garbage day.

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  1. I share your pain in the plastiic world of retail. Really enjoy reading your blogs. I work in high end retail where im sick of serving undeserving people! Ugggg