Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly Highlights. I mean rants.

-The old man who was pissed off that we didn't have a pineapple peeler. Is that what getting old is about? Obsessing about weird tools that will allegedly make it easier to peel an expensive fruit with a spiny exterior that is clearly saying "I do not want to be eaten!"? By the way, I love pineapple, and when I went on a cruise, I ate my weight in pineapple. But the tool this man wanted (one that would make the little rings like canned pineapple) would waste a lot of precious juicy flesh, so it is a stupid tool for the home kitchen. And is a knife any more difficult to use?

-The lady that was upset when the glassware she bought in the past was discontinued. I don't know why people are always surprised when something is not made anymore. She came in to get some glasses, because she broke 2, and we only had the larger size left. "Oh, I'm just sick!!" she said as she freaked out. Really? You are sickened because you can no longer buy the stupid, cheap, boring glasses to match the ones in your home? While I can maybe see how this could be mildly disappointing, becoming sickened by it seems extreme. When I think of what might make me "sick," I think of genocide, famine, and racism.

-I sold a kitchen scale to a woman yesterday and was highly amused by the photo on the packaging. It featured a pristine kitchen, a clear counter, and on the scale, a single, perfect grapefruit half. Who weighs half a grapefruit? Obviously an attempt to appeal to dieters or people who think they might diet. Why not show the scale being used as a baking tool? Weighing ingredients for perfect results? Because food is bad and it makes you fat. If you had a scale, you would weigh your food and you wouldn't be such a fat ass pig.

-Yesterday a woman brought back a coffee maker. "I can't use it because the plug is too big!" She was being loud and had gotten herself all worked up before she came in. She was rambling on about how the plug didn't work in her outlet. As I half-listened to her babbling, I thought to myself, "I'm sure there is a ridiculously simple solution to this problem." I nodded and uh-huhed and proceded to process her return. "I want to see you plug it in!" She insisted. Really? She was going to make me shame her? I unpacked the coffee maker and looked at the plug. It had a plastic cover over the little cord tongs. Problem solved.

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