Sunday, March 14, 2010

The "C" word (customers)

Yesterday was one of the most annoying days ever. Nearly everyone I helped treated me with some level of jerkiness. And I didn't get a morning break because we were short staffed and demoing the popcorn machine. I did stuff my face full of popcorn, discreetly, on the sales floor.

Here's the major jerks:

-The old lady freaking out about sink saddles. One of my co-workers called her to let her know that sink saddles were back in stock. So imagine her dismay when she made a trip in and discovered that they are not the sink saddle she wants! The sink saddles we have are clear with drain holes on the sides. The sink saddle she wants is white and without drain holes. No matter how many times I told her that the clear one is the only sink saddle we have, she just wouldn't except it. I looked up inventory in the computer and saw that in past we did sell another sink saddle, and though I am not sure if it was the one she wants, the description said white. But that one was discontinued and we don't have any and we haven't had any since 2004. Though I hated to do it, the only way I got the bitch to shut up was to tell her that my co-worker must have been mistaken about the sink saddles.

-Yesterday there was a St. Patrick's Day parade that went right past the store. I didn't know there was going to be one. For several personal reasons, parades sort of depress me. Plus, I just don't give a shit about parades. Before I knew there was going to be a parade, I had a customer ask me what was going on. I said I didn't know and then immediately turned to my co-worker and asked if there "was a parade or something?" Then the customer told me that I should know about such things for when people ask. Why is it my job to be the community events information booth? He lives here too and he didn't know about the parade either. Dude, you can go shove a shamrock up your ass.

-The lady who asked me what materials made up the outdoor furniture. When I told her it was wrought iron, she freaked out and went on a tirade about rust. She was bitching about something she didn't even buy at our store. I didn't mention the 37 years worth of testimonials from hundreds of other customers about how well the furniture holds up. Sometimes you just have to let them dump and leave.

-I had a customer call and ask me about our stainless steel stovetop espresso makers. She asked me the style name. I read it off of the box. "Class." And then she laughed at me. Not like, "oh, what a funny name for a stovetop espresso maker!" but "you idiot! It cannot POSSIBLY be called Class!" But you can see for yourself, via the link, that the fucking thing is indeed called Class.

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  1. Ummm..why was it called Class Black if it was silver in color? What a stupid name. :-) Your one about being the community service Chamber of Commerce took me back to my early 20s when the assistant manager of the bank told me about a customer complaint which he agreed with: I didn't know the tax laws regarding how interest is reported and how inheritances and gifts were taxed. Gee, could it be that I was not a CPA and that each person reports differently? See, I should have known basic tax laws. Hell, I didn't make enough to do anything but let my husband file the 1040EZ. If I need to know more, then put it in the TRAINING you do when we are promoted. The biotch was complaining that I also referred her to her accountant (dumb advice, right?) because she didn't have one. I still had to take care of her in the future, so I went on as if nothing happened. I never did apologize, though, as the dopey, wimpy Asst. Manager "suggested" I do. BTW, I still was never trained on it, and none of the other reps trained or knowledgeable either. This mgr. answered the question she had and told me the answer, but he was "duh" when other tax questions came up...and they were about taxes in our investment department, which I DID know the answers to. Go figure.