Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love in the aisles

Everyday I am surrounded by people in love. It is different than seeing strangers on the street. I see people shopping together, planning for a home together or sometimes just a meal. I hear snippets of their conversations, giggles and compromises. Sometimes they are people I know from my community (oh, THEY are together now, hmm???) and sometimes they are couples that feel a little more romantic when they are visiting from out of town.

I caught this attractive couple making out in the Halloween section last week. They were liplocked and assgrabbing and didn't notice me right away. Not that I stood there watching; I saw what they were up to, did a 90 degree pivot, and started straightening the merchandise in front of me, eyes focused on the napkins and glitter pumpkins.

PDAs can be almost cute, but they can also be fucking gross. The incident that sticks in my mind is the couple that was whispering and rubbing each other on a sofa. Apparently they were making their final decision to buy it because a few minutes later, they had me order them that sofa (but in a different fabric). All I could think about was how they probably couldn't wait to hump on their new sofa.

Love. Eeww.

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