Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly highlights!

- I LOVE (sarcasm duh just in case you aren't one for it) when people pick up something that is obviously part of a set (obvious in that it says "part of 3 piece set" or is literally tied to its other components) and bring it up to the counter anyway. Then they say "I just found this. What's the price?" When I inform them it is part of a set and go fetch the other pieces, they often (usually) say something like, "oh I didn't want all of it" thus indicating that they knew it was part of a set. I acknowledge that sometimes the sets don't make the most sense, but if I have been directed to sell them that way, I must sell them as sets. And that is JUST THE WAY IT IS.

- I also love (sarcasm) when people ask me for directions to the bathroom and then 1) quit listening to me, or 2) complain to me about the location of the bathrooms. I will say, the directions are a bit . . . quirky. It is an old building and nothing is direct and easy. But come on!! Have you ever been out in the world beyond Starbucks and had to take an intricate and confusing path to the restrooms? As I sit here, I cannot think of any time when I asked for the toilet and the waitstaff or clerk said "why yes, actually, IT IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU. I can't believe you couldn't smell it!!" It is always through some double doors, down a long hallway, up or down some stairs, behind a storage closet or in the building next door. Just wear a diaper or get over it.

- I love (not sarcasm) using the pricing gun. There is something about the rolling of the little numbers and the rhythmic click of the trigger that give me immense pleasure. I always feel a little ashamed when I use it, like, there you are, some lowly clerk, pricing little things, why don't you go work in a factory, repetitive task lover! But seriously, pricing guns are fun.

- We were kept late after work today by a couple that wanted to exchange a bunch of shit on their registry before they went on vacation. You know you are lame when you are so concerned about a bunch of plates that you must tend to them before traveling, all while keeping the store staff after while you quibble with your new spouse about blue versus green. Puke.


  1. How stupid are people for asking if things come as a set, what is this a garage sale or something? Not to mention, how inconsiderate to return a shit load of shit close to closing? Like do that on a Saturday morning!

    Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. Oh oh I love it when people walk all around with an item and then bring it up to the register just to say "I don't want this."

  3. @Liquor Store Clerk

    I'd actually rather them do that instead of placing it somewhere, where it doesn't belong.