Monday, January 30, 2012

A Boring Excuse Post

I haven't blogged lately because I couldn't work up energy to feel passionate about any work related issues.  I had hope that something would surface to turn into a poignant blog post, a post that could take this blog in a new and interesting direction.

I realize now that this "hope" was actually me being tired and lazy.  Work is work is work.  The only thing that changes is my attitude.

We recently did inventory.  We closed early one afternoon and stayed into the night counting the store.  Though it is never fun or easy to close early, I have observed that most people understand the necessity of inventory and how much it sucks.  I have taken advantage of this to be jokey with customers.  "Yea, we are closing early today.  It's a very SPECIAL day.  We are doing INVENTORY.  Thrilling."  They chuckle.  Together we roll our eyes.  They are nice to me!  They understand my pain!

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