Saturday, April 21, 2012


Shortly after we opened today, a customer was browsing and trying out sofas, all the while eating a sandwich.  Like, walking around, sitting down, standing up, bending over to read price tags, play lounging, and grinding a fucking sandwich in her maw.  It wasn't just one bite; she walked around and finished the whole sandwich and crumpled up the wrapper when she left.

This seemed really weird to me.  First of all, she probably got crumbs everywhere, but she didn't seem to gives two shits about that.  Then, I could see and hear her chewing.  I greeted her and before she could respond she had to swallow.  Eew.  Plus, this does not seem like a satisfying way to eat.  She didn't plant her ass in a sofa and eat, she was speed shopping and wolfing her food.  That can't be healthy.

After she left, I tried to imagine what it would be like to eat a sandwich while running my errands.  The mental picture of eating a sandwich awkwardly amused me greatly.

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