Friday, May 4, 2012

Working for the weekend

- It is really annoying when employees and owners of neighboring businesses park right in front of the store.  They are not parking in front of THEIR store and they don't seem to acknowledge the fact that they are taking prime spots from our customers (who could also end up being their customers).  It is just such an easy thing to do:  give the good spots to customers.  Why make it harder for them to spend their money at your establishment?

- If I ever get to retire, I hope that I have better things to do than pester stores about some faux flowers I bought 3 years prior.

- Recently I had some customers that were really trying to abuse a Gift With Purchase situation.  Towards the end of the transaction, they told us that they own a store in Canada.  This is another example of business owners using their power for evil.

- Birdcage themed bridal shower:  am I the only one that thinks this a little weird?

- Once in a while you have the uncomfortable experience of a customer remembering you and you remember NOTHING about them.  They greet you by your name, tell you how helpful you were, tell you where you were standing when you directed them to the toasters.  Ok, um, have a nice day!


  1. The birdcage themed bridal shower IS odd and ominous and I never realized it until you pointed that out...!

  2. I now see lots of former customers in my new job and they tend to think they recognize me only from my current position before them. They call me by name sometimes, but it's that fake familiarity created by a name tag. It's amusing because they treated me completely differently before; the only difference is the kind of desk between us.