Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a customer so human, they might be awesome

Guy comes in today, ready to buy a sectional sofa, with his fabric and style all picked out. I asked what fabric he chose, ready to hate it because I seem to hate all the customer choices, perhaps out of boredom and perhaps because of my own great taste. I looked at it and said "oh, it's the same fabric that's on this piece in here, but in a different color." He looked at the other sofa and hated the fabric. Time to start over. This is where things got awesome.

He admitted that they had cats and that the cats were going to puke on the couch. No one ever says that to me. Usually when people say they have pets, they try to convince themselves that the animals won't have anything to do with the furniture: like, once you bring the new sofa home, there are no more cats in the living room and the baby gate is going up for the dog to keep that filthy beast away from the beautiful beige loveseat.

The wife came into the store to help pick back-up fabric that didn't look so "muppet." She was great too! What a lucky clerk am I to get to help a delightful couple are not trying to use me against each other! I brought out a fabric swatch and the wife said "yea we saw that yesterday. kind of baby shit."

You know it's going to be a good day when your customers are swearing in front of you, but not at you.

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