Monday, January 26, 2009

Cute customer tricks part 1

We do not offer free gift wrap at our store and this has given me the chance to observe interesting customer behavior.

Customers want free gift wrap, so often they will wait until you have completed the sale to mention that they want gift wrap. The first 50 times this happened, I actually thought people were just absent minded. Then, finally, I realized what was going on. They hope that by waiting, you won't charge them! "Oh, since I already rang it in . . ."

Well, chumps, that is not the case. I can and will run your card again, take a $4 check, and break a 50 dollar bill. As an hourly wage worker, I do not care how many transactions you make. We can ring up each of your items separately so your receipts are less confusing, if that is what you wish. It makes little difference to me.

So if when reading this, you feel that twinge in your body that is your brain acknowledging that you are one of those that try to play dumb and forgetful to get free gift wrap, take note. We are on to you. Knock it off.

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