Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stand up for your fellow clerks

I go to the post office a lot and I get tired of hearing other people in line complain. They show up, stand there for 30 seconds, and then start bitching. They bitch loudly, as though it were the fault of the postal clerk and not the crappy, unprepared lady with a weird package and form problems. Most days I just play Tetris on my phone and ignore them. But I am feeling spicy today. I am feeling like I may have the courage to throw a snarky comment at those crappy customers. I mail a lot of packages and I have never (knock on wood) had one lost. We have a reliable, relatively quick postal system in this country and I am willing to stand in line for that and to stand up for my fellow clerks.


  1. I don't bitch when I'm in line, I swear. But I have always wondered what on earth could be the hold up. Now I know, it's the customer. I guess they are not always right! ^_^

  2. In my experience, clerks just want to get the customer out of there as quick as possible. There are rare occasions, such as flirtations, when a clerk might delay a customer. But this most likely will not happen when they have 5 seething customers in line behind their work crush.
    As for the phrase "the customer is always right," argh. It is the job of the clerk to make the customer think they are right while upholding store policy and not getting themselves fired. Maneuvering customers brings to mind another phrase: ". . . like herding cats."