Saturday, May 23, 2009

New levels of sneakiness: Follow-up to "Not All Small Business Owners . . . "

I came back from work on Thursday and saw a broken pot rack behind the counter with a stock loss slip stuck to it. I asked my co-worker if Demon, the neighboring small business owner, had returned it. She had.

How crafty is that? She bought the pot rack on the a couple weeks ago just to get a recent receipt. Then she returned the old pot rack with the new receipt, and used the same story of it "crashing down in the night" that she had a couple of weeks ago. We closely inspected the returned pot rack. The supportive hardware, which should have shown wear from being screwed into the ceiling and from bearing the weight of a rack of pans, was pristine. The hooks, which, according to her story she used for just 12 days, were coated with greasy yellow-y kitchen residue.

This is a level of sneakiness and plotting that I haven't seen for a long time. And what shocks me is that it is this woman who should know better. It is beyond stinginess; it is getting what you want by whatever means and it is creepy.

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