Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are we there yet?

- Someone called from Canada looking for a certain type of popcorn toppings. It was during an insane part of the day. We didn't get to his call in time and he hung up. SORRY.

- People love to call and ask for very specific cookware and when you don't have it, they talk about the piece that they have had since they were married in 1947. And they love to go on and on about how they can't believe they can't find it anywhere and how great it is and I just want to get off the phone because I have so much to do besides listen to them get nostalgic on their double boiler.

- I get REALLY annoyed when people come in for an application and are sassy and demanding. Yesterday a young man asked if we were hiring (we are not) and I gave my "I don't know whether we are hiring right now or not, but we always accept applications and we do keep them on file" answer. Then he got all bitchy and wanted me to "find out" if we were hiring and get back to him. Fuck off dude. Look around. I am BUSY because it's CHRISTMAS. I don't have time to help your princess self. Applicants: when you go in to a place looking for a job, pretend you already work there. Act like a co-worker and not a crappy customer.

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