Saturday, December 11, 2010

in sickness and in health in retail

I am sick. Oh yea. I still go to work. This is America. I do not have sick pay and it is the busiest time of the year. This is THE TIME to work.

I am in denial about sickness when I am at work. If someone says "gawd you sound awful," I qualify it with "I don't feel sick. My throat is just a little scratchy." If I feel a hacking, lung crunching cough coming on, I think of an errand that will quickly take me off the floor so I can go die in a corner, compose myself, and return.

The day is passed by trying to move and speak in ways that will not disturb my throat. If I can keep it subdued with constant sips of water and a perpetual lozenge, then maybe no one will think I am a diseased grossy.

I answered the phone the other day and the person on the line said my voice was sexy. I guess if I turn at least one person on with my fucked up voice, I have conquered sickness.

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