Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 little pigs

- I still don't like when grown women use a whiny baby voice, especially when they want something.  And when they are going on and on about how HORRIBLE their umbrella looks without its finial. 

- Stools are the bane of my existence.  The worst stool shopper yet was the woman that was apparently angry at me because our stools weren't "nice like chairs but high."  Whatever that means.

- More thought on the vampire customers, you know, the ones that hold a clerk hostage and talk at them because they are lonely and we are nice because that is our job.  Sometimes when I tell people about these sorts of customers, they make me feel guilty.  "It's hard to be lonely," they say.  "I could probably be that guy."  And I'll feel a bit of pity.  Then yesterday, while overhearing one repeat offender talking to one of my co-workers, I thought "Fuck that pity shit."  If they are so fucking lonely, love to talk so fucking much, and have so much fucking free time that they can wonder from store to store talking at clerks, baristas and other hired help, why don't they volunteer or something and spend time with people who might actually want human interaction?  Like in a nursing home?  The brief time I have spent visiting old people I have known in homes was depressing because so many of them seem lonely and eager for visits by younger people from the outside world.    But what the hell do I know.

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