Friday, July 8, 2011

EXTREME PILLOW!! expounded

One of my loyal followers wrote me requesting further explanation on the EXTREME PILLOW post.  In responding, it is not my intention to shame my reader for missing my brilliant sarcastic humor, but to allow myself the chance to rag on the ridiculous pillow more and to plug a past post.

You may or may not remember this post about fabric names.  I am pretty sure the "extreme" in EXTREME pillow comes from the name of the fabric.  This is funny because it is not extreme anything.  It is not extremely durable, expensive, colorful, textured, interesting, soft, crisp, flammable.  So that it is named EXTREME is ironic and I wonder if the manufacturers were purposely being hilarious.

This pillow is the most boring thing I've ever seen.  Not welted, not boxed, just a beige smear on the sofa, built for the fearful conformists.

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