Thursday, July 14, 2011

timely timing

Ok, here's the deal:

Most stores have posted hours.  So of course, if their posted closing time is 5 o'clock and you wonder in at 4:55, you are technically coming in while they are open.  There are generally 2 kinds of people that come in at this hour.

The first is the dasher.  "Oh my god are you closed?? No??  Can grab this one thing really quick?  I need it for a party RIGHT NOW.  I don't even care how much it costs!  I don't even need it in a bag!  Thank you SO MUCH!  You saved my life."  Dramatic, but sweet!

The other is the entitled browser:  "Oh, I know you are closing soon.  I just wanted to look at EVERYTHING in your store.  I just LOVE coming in here when everyone else is gone!  It's like my own private shopping experience!  Can you show me all of the (things that we have a ton of and also catalogs from which the customer could order this thing, basically unlimited selection that could take days to comb)?"  The entitled browser gets upset if you are even a little bit grouchy.  They want you to be as perky and chipper as you were at 11 a.m., when you had hours and hours before you could go home.  The entitled browser rarely BUYS anything.  Not that it is all about selling shit to people, but, um, it sort of is, right?

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