Friday, October 14, 2011


Among décor motifs, the bird, be it wren, ibis, or owl, is definitely still hot, despite the Portlandia "Put A Bird On It."  We see so many birds, we may forget about its long-standing rival:  the dragonfly!

Ladies love dragonflies.  Put that flying insect on anything and it will sell.  They have a steady, more subtle following than bird people.  Customers will walk around the store, looking at bird things and declaring aloud "I love birds!  I love anything with birds on it!" while the dragonfly people will quietly confess at checkout "I love dragonflies!"  

I am still trying to figure out what it is that ladies love about them.  With birds, there are the feathers, the chubby bodies, the nesting, and the ability to fly (freedom!) that customers love.  What is it that they love about the dragonfly?  How do they relate?  Life in the wetlands, growing up from an ugly larva to an awkward walker, eating bugs, mating in midair?  Is it the dragonfly's presence in Japanese and Native American cultures?  Are they enchanted by Art Nouveau interpretations of the dragonfly?  What is it?

Personally, I forget about the interesting appearance of dragonflies until I see one, be it alive or dead.  The bulbous gem-like eyes, hairy stick body, and the delicate mesh wings.

I had a customer that wanted a sofa, an entire sofa!, in a dragonfly print fabric.  Why the dragonfly?

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