Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sugar buzz

- I have been selling several gifts off one particular registry to family members from out of town.  The only reason this is any different than usual is because usually the selling is spread out over more clerks, but for some reason, pure chance, I have rung up at least 6 family members.  I have gone over the list with them, described items, helped them find things, made suggestions.  The registered couple is getting quite a heap of gifts!  Then I imagined opening them and it seemed so disappointing:  4 dinner plates in one, napkins and placemats in another, the large strange flattish one concealing a cutting board and a can opener.  It's so lame and adult when you can get excited about linens and matching plates.

- I had a customer ask for a business card.  I gave her one.  Then I gave her the receipt for her purchase.  She scolded me for its length, telling me it was a waste of paper.  If she's so concerned about saving paper, why does she take business cards that she is probably going to lose anyway?  Why doesn't she just read our info off the huge flippin' receipt?  But what do I know.

- Today was the organized Trick-or-Treat where children and families go around to all the participating businesses and collect free candy.  Let me tell you, it was a shitstorm.  Due to a mis-announcement, people started ToTing an hour early, so many businesses were running out of candy way too early.  In the middle of it, I had a customer purchase a sofa and take it out the front door amongst the masses of costumed tots.  After the event was over, we still had kids coming in until finally we had no more candy.  Not one Laffy Taffy or Tootsie Roll.  The best though, were the parents who were surprised that we were open.  "Are you guys open during the Trick-or-Treating?"  UM, yea, how do you think we pay for the candy?

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