Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

- Gift card only customers?  The purchase of a gift card is still a transaction.  It still takes time and sometimes more than a transaction with merchandise.  I know that is "all" you want to buy, but I cannot give you cuts in line in front of everyone else, including the woman with her rambunctious children, the old man with the walker, the guy who got shafted in one line and is starting over in a different line, and one of our regulars who has cancer!  I know you are impatient, but you should have known there would be a bunch of people out shopping the few days before Christmas.  Come on!  You are only buying a gift card.  If that was all you were going to get anyway, why don't you wait until Christmas Eve, the day of the last minute men shoppers?  Have a couple beers and then join your brethren!

- Customer generalization!  For some reason, the customers that buy crackers are really intense.  More than purchasers of other items, these customers are vocal and bitchy about selection and price.

- Yesterday I was helping a male customer find an item.  I gave him my positive and sincere critique of the gadget.  He was sold.  Then, a nearby customer chimed in, saying how much she loved the item.  This is ok with me; customer reviews are very powerful.  THEN another customer gave her opinion, also positive, but also full of misinformation about the product, which the first customer seconded.  AAAGH!  Before I could discreetly correct the situation, the man walked off with the product.  The ladies then started congratulating themselves on how they are such great sales people.  "You should hire us!" they said.  Yea, right, Miss Information.

Only a couple more days!  Then boring January!  Yea!

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  1. Lmbo... you crack me up because you remind me so much of myself! (was that as vain as it sounded?) :-/ :-p

    I am familiar with the, 'I only want...' line when someone expects preferential treatment because they think their purchase is so minor to everyone else that they should all just let them go ahead instead. I don't care if you, 'Only want a corn dog.' Don't look at me and say it. I sure as hell am not going to make the call that you are more important than the guy I've already started helping. Take it up with him lady, sheesh! People can be so self important and selfish.