Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is it Monday yet?

Yesterday I was ringing up a young mother.  My co-worker was bagging her purchases.  While we were finishing, an older woman came up to my co-worker and asked the location of the restrooms.  I have mentioned before in this blog how it is a bit of a journey to get to the bathrooms and sometimes people don't have the patience for it.  As was the case with the older woman; she quit listening to my co-worker, made a confused face, and walked away.

She walked away slowly.  The woman was also overweight and did not move quickly.  She was not too far from the counter when the young thin mother commented on how the bathroom location does seem weird and difficult at first.  "Especially for her."  Oh my god.

I handed her the bag, said thank you, turned, and bolted from the counter.  I don't know if the older woman heard her or not, but I DO NOT want to get caught in what could appear to be a conversation about a stranger's weight.  When that stranger is in earshot!

Perhaps I am being overly sensitive, but weight issues are complicated.  If you have ever known someone that has struggled with weight, you know that "eating less and exercising!" is sometimes harder than it sounds.  I feel extremely uncomfortable discussing someone's weight, especially if the person who's weight is being discussed didn't bring it up.

Now, have I ever called someone a fat old bitch when they were crappy to me?  Of course I have, and probably on this blog.   But never to someone's face when they didn't deserve it.


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