Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sustainable Nicety

Yesterday, while walking to work, I was grumpy.  I was making myself even grumpier thinking about how I would have to be nice to people all day.  "When do I get to be the bitch?" I wondered. "It works for other people.  Maybe today I will be bitchy."

I remembered that to be bitchy at work would be ruinous.  Customers might not enjoy their time, leave pissed off, tell all their friends about the horrible shopping experience, and then avoid us for years.  This happens!  Staying grumpy and purposely sharing it with others would be about as smart as cashing my paycheck and setting the bills afire.

It is not an option to be bitchy out in the world, when I am the customer.  Since I am pleasant with people during interactions, they are nice to me and I usually receive excellent customer service.  I am usually in a good mood, especially when I am not working.  So in order to be bitchy outside of work, I would have to maintain the mood all day.  That seems ultra stressful.

That leaves me one choice:  the internet.  Oh yea, Clerk, that is why you started this blog in the first place.  Relief washed over me when I remembered that I already had an outlet for those snarky times.

It's going to be a beautiful day!

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