Monday, November 22, 2010

we were supposed to be a team

I am always caught off guard and horrified when fellow small business owners (just want to say right now, I am not a business owner, but I work for one and we know a lot of them, we are like a town family) act TOTALLY SHITTY in my store. I do not understand how they can feel comfortable coming in and being the worst customer in the world. Do they not recognize me? I was the sweet, patient girl that was in their store last week. But they can come into my store and be a shit?? Asking for ridiculous undoable favors? The crappy thing is that I told them I would ask for permission for these crappy things they wanted and that wasn't good enough for them. It seems they just wanted to be pissed and took it out on me. AWESOME. I know they are human, blahblahblah. Shut the fuck up. I know who you are ASSHOLE. And I will never go into your shop again because your shit isn't that great and you are a jerk to me when you ought to be kissing my young hot ass so that i talk your stupid shop up to all my hot young friends.

Again, I say here what I can't say at work. I can't truly hatevent about this jerkwad at my life because there could be retaliation or harmful gossip. I DON'T KNOW. Except you suck. And maybe retail Jebus wouldn't approve, but I won't forgive you.