Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and I thought I was weird

-As she caressed a small kitchen table, a customer told me she was looking for a table. I asked her what sort of table she was looking for. A kitchen table? A dining room table? "Well, something to eat off!" Of course. Stupid me.

-We have a bucket of free lotion samples by the cash register. I told an interested customer she could have one. She spent the next five minutes digging through the bin, finding every scent and holding them to her chest in turn. Finally she found on that "spoke" to her.

-A woman came in looking for a pan with very specific ways that she wanted to use it. I gently explained that the methods she was describing could ruin most pans and possibly void warranties since they would go directly against the manufacturers usage instructions. I tried to be very positive: If you don't do action A, then action B is not even necessary. Anyway, she was insistent and crazy and I'm sure I'll see her again.

-"Benches are so hot right now." -customer quote.

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