Friday, February 18, 2011

Does anyone else smell the sausage?

-Several posts ago, I wrote about how I had customers that smelled like sausage. This happened again today. How does this happen? Do I smell like strong pungent foods when I leave the house?

-An older couple came in today with their little dogs. The wife was carrying this fluffy little brown one that looked like a teddy bear and the husband had an adorable fat graying chihuahua. Everyone melted and cooed when they saw the little dogs; the couple looked bored and annoyed as I am sure this happens every place they go. If you don't want people to stop and freak out and talk to you, you should not carry a cute little pet in your arms like a baby while you are trying to run errands.

-I am always slightly amused when a group of college kids comes into the store and walks around scoffing at all the merchandise. "Look at all this useless stuff! Consume consume consume!" "Why would anyone need an egg slicer? Isn't that why we have knives??" "I don't understand stores like this; why wouldn't I just buy this off of amazon since it's cheaper?" Oh you kids. You've taken some classes and you're so smart and sure of yourself. You've got the whole world figured out. Just wait until you come in looking for a job because you can't find anything else. Then I hear statements like "Whoa! Look at this pan! This is awesome! I totally need one of these!" HA! Gotcha. We all want things.

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