Saturday, June 18, 2011

sac up: double baggers

Today I loaded a customer's purchases into one of our large bags.  The items were bulky, but not heavy, and the bag was not overly full or bulging or strained.  I am very cautious about loading bags.

Then she asked for a double bag because "she had a ways to walk."

I am going to comment and judge her based on my own life.  I know where she was going because I confirmed her address when I rang her up.  She was going 3 blocks, a 5 minute walk, 0.4 miles.  That is not far.  I walk everywhere.  My walking commute is 3 times this distance, and I don't consider that "far."  I carry everything, so I know when a bag is too heavy or awkward or weak.  She was just thoughtlessly paranoid.

I didn't give her a bag.  I reassured her that the bags can hold 40-45 pounds (which they can; we've tried).  Had she INSISTED, I would have double bagged, but it was an unnecessary and ridiculous request. 

There are many bad bag packers out there, but not me.  I am sure I have bragged about this before, but I am really good at packing a bag.  CUSTOMERS!  Rest assured that in my hands, your precious purchases are safe and smartly packed.

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