Thursday, June 30, 2011

These are your favorite things to do, for the 1300th time

- You hem and haw and can't make up your mind.  When you finally do, I process your transaction with my routine efficiency.  One of the steps includes asking if you are part of our frequent shopper program.  For some reason, you think this is what is going to make you late for your appointment.  One yea, because all of a sudden you remember that you are in a hurry.  Not my fault you can't manage your time, grown-up.

- You grab your purse and dig through your wallet, panicking, because you KNOW I did not give you your credit card back.  I stop moving and watch you rustle through your belongings.  I reassure you that I do not still have your card.  I remind you how I gave it to you.  I try to suggest, without being creepy, that you check your pants pocket (because I saw you put it in there).  You are positive that I still have it.  You are about 9 seconds away from accusing me of theft.  You find it.  Oh yes, you remember putting it there now! 

- You tell me you find the free coffee to be delicious.  I don't tell you that I call it diarrhea in a mug.

- You tell me how important it is to you that we all "shop local."  Then you return items you bought at our store because you think you can get them cheaper online.   

- You are crazy.  Today you wouldn't shut up about pizza and tacos.

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