Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Four eyes

I wear glasses.  I can sort of see without them and often, when I'm not working, go without them to give my ears a rest.  But when I want or need to see well, I put on my spectacles.  It's amazing, really, these little pieces of plastic that give me sight.

When I am at work, I always wear my glasses.  I need to see and focus quickly.  I am always a little annoyed by people that don't wear their glasses and have me read everything for them.  Some of these glasses are readers, but I say, glasses are glasses.  A lot of us only need them sometimes, but those are the times when we should wear them.

There are customers that will have me walk through the store with them, finding items, reading price tags, describing items that to them look like blobs of color.  They usually say something like, "oh my glasses are in the car."  Sometimes they will even admit that their glasses are in their purse.  They will make a shameful face, like "I know glasses will help me see, but they are so ugly."

Put your fucking glasses on and get over it.  

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