Tuesday, August 2, 2011


- Yesterday some customer farted near my station.  That is annoying because I dislike the smell of farts and I also don't want other people to think I am farting and standing in my stink cloud.

- Sometimes ladies will purchase glasses or plates as replacements for losses when their husband was doing dishes.  And they will complain about it.  I wish I could tell them to shut the fuck up.  If someone else is doing dishes and you occasionally lose a glass, it seems worth it to me.

- There is a woman I have dubbed Pillow Problem Lady because she is always searching for the perfect pillows for her sofa without success.  I cringe when I see her because I know she is going to be disappointed.

- We sell these throws that are made of synthetic boucl√© yarn.  They aren't that great, but customers go crazy for them.  I think I need to be in the cheap throw business.

- There were a unusual number of crappy kids in the store the other day.  I remember looking at one family and thinking "you make me want to get my tubes tied."

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  1. But has the Pillow Problem Lady tried EXTREME PILLOWS??