Friday, August 26, 2011

take time to stop and eat the roses

Yesterday began a new phase of our end-of-summer-sale:  the ultra markdowns.  Though it was nice to be busy, I am labeling the day as crappy because it put me and my normally cheerful co-workers in grumpy moods and wore me down completely.  All day I was hurrying and running around.  ALL DAY.  This sale has been a marathon of sorts and I need a little break.

There is a difference between regular store busy and super sale busy.  When customers shop a sale, they often abandon manners and decency, crapping equally on clerks and their fellow shoppers.  They reek of desperation, asking again and again for products that have sold out.  Their greed is insatiable, constantly pestering for lower prices.

All I want today is to help some semi-nice humans who are happy to find a few bargains and I would like to have lunch at a respectable hour.

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  1. I agree, sales make people go crazy. Ugh, I hate shopping in crowds.