Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These things happen

- Kids running around with suckers or lollipops make me uncomfortable.  As a child, I was imbued with a fear of eating food on a stick while in motion.  It is a fear that has suck with me into adulthood, especially when I see an unsupervised and unwieldy tot dashing around with a Tootsie Pop in his face.  I have never yet seen a kid fall and get a sucker suck in their throat, but I do find sticky sticks on shelves.  Gross and annoying.

- Yesterday I saw a young woman remove and sniff her knit cap.  Then she doused it with the tester of a room spray we sell.  While I have definitely done similar masking, I would never dream of doing it in a enclosed, public space.  When she came into the store she seemed chic and confident; after I witnessed the spraying, I could only think of how that hat must smell.

- Sometimes customers will pick an area and nestle in for an extended conversation.  They are not there to shop or try out sofas.  The store is a substitute for a coffee shop.  I greet these people with my friendly "hello" the same way I greet all customers as that is my job and how should I know they don't want to be disturbed until I disturb them and get cold looks.  Often they will give me a dirty look when I just walk past them on my way to somewhere else, a preemptive move in case I am going to try to sell them something.  I don't care so much that people camp out to discuss their upcoming divorce, crappy bridesmaid duties, elderly parents, and other problems of the world.  I just wish they wouldn't be so weird and mean about it.

- Fabrics and many other materials fade in the sun.

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