Sunday, May 6, 2012

What not to do

Yesterday a woman and child (mom and daughter?) came into the store and went straight to the soaps and lotions area.  They used the lotion testers to lube up their exposed appendages and then shot each other playfully with the room sprays.  All 8 scents.  For several minutes.  Then they left the store, laughing.

The air was wet with the lingering scent cloud.  I walked close and my eyes began to water and my throat closed, causing a cough like what is brought on by lye vapors.  I do not even count myself in the "scent sensitive" category.

I get that they were playing and having fun, but I still think this was super rude.  They knew spraying each other with room spray as though it was a water pistol was naughty, yet somehow couldn't take the time to think about how their actions may affect others.

Hey!  I have a fun game!  When you go through your day, think about all the ways you are doubtlessly annoying other people!  The one with the shortest list wins!

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