Sunday, May 27, 2012

ethical traditions

I am very hard on myself sometimes.  I think I am prepared for anything, or at least prepared to expect anything, and then a customer request and reaction that I never could have anticipated throws me off.  Before I can finish that one complicated thing, 3 other little situations will arise and I'm sure I look like I'm freaking out while I try to make 20 people happy all at the same time.

Today was strangely trying, the sort of day I wish I could make into a Spanish game show.  People observe the feats of strength, problem solving, and tests of nerve from home (their side of the counter) and think it looks so easy.  I dream of putting some customers in the situations they create and throwing a tricky scenario at them.  And then remind them that they have 10 minutes.  Clock is ticking!!  If the cusotmer is displeased, they might tell all their friends a shittily exaggerated version of their story or threaten to talk to the clerk's manager and do their best to have someone fired!!

Now, when I complain like this, I do consider that other people's jobs may be equally difficult.  Just because they are not making change and stuffing merch into a bag doesn't mean they don't have to deal with clients' unrealistic expectations and condescending attitudes.  But I find a "pay shittiness forward" approach unacceptable.  Lying and veiled, shady intentions generally have an undesirable affect.

If you ever find yourself acting brattish and saying something like "I won't see these people again," or "I don't know this person, this CLERK," stop!  Because you don't know that for sure.  You are blending me into the background; I am memorizing your face and will never forget it, which is awkward when we meet as peers in public later.

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