Friday, April 19, 2013

Egg containers

My grandma had a bunch of these lidded, chicken shaped containers and I could never figure them out. Were they weird candy dishes?  They didn't make much sense, but for ladies who had strange porcelain plate collections, they fit right in.  Sort of.

A couple years ago, I saw a pink lidded chicken at a thrift store and became inextricably drawn to the vessel.  It was cheap and then it was on sale, so I bought it.  In my google research, I learned that these dishes were for holding eggs on the counter, like when you want them room temperature for a recipe.  This suddenly made perfect sense to me.  And suddenly these dishes, which I see everywhere, made much more sense:
The porcelain egg crate.  It is the new lidded chicken.  Sure, people like to say they use this when they collect their chicken eggs, but I seriously doubt they carry this 6 holed breakable thing out to the coop.  But it is SO cute, and is perfect for holding eggs on the counter while they come to room temp.  

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