Friday, April 26, 2013


Several weeks ago I became part a conservation my co-worker was having with a difficult couple placing an order for a piece of furniture.  The wife was badgering us about the delivery fee, saying we were "nickel and diming" them.  It was very uncomfortable because she would not let up, and I didn't feel like we actually were taking advantage of her.  We have an extremely reasonable delivery fee and most customers say so.

She then began making claims that she could purchase the same item at a different store, a couple hours away, for less and with free delivery.  I found that wildly implausible since everything I'd ever heard about the store was that it is more expensive.  I also couldn't imagine them offering up free delivery.  It just didn't make sense.  It also didn't make sense that she would be so eager to buy the furniture from us when she had found it cheaper elsewhere.

I was slightly ill on this day and not my best for dealing with this sort of person, though I don't think there is ever a good day for it.  As she attempted to manipulate us with her lies and threats, my co-worker and I became quiet and just hustled to get her out of there.  We were not going to give in because she was too absurd, but it was plain that she wouldn't give up.

Now to today.  Her furniture was delivered.  The men delivering the furniture showed up at the store after with her old furniture, which was half dog hair and totally worn out.  What???  When they showed up to deliver the new furniture, the customer told them someone at the store wanted the old furniture and to take it away.  This was a complete COMPLETE falsehood.  Very crafty and so wrong.

This is a customer who has spent a good deal of money with us, and, as far as I know, has caused relatively little trouble so far.  And though this little episode is annoying, it will pass because there are far worse problems to deal with.  But I cannot stop thinking about how she is a horrible person.  Her skills are too advanced for me to believe that this is the first time and only place that she LIES.  I wonder about her life and the stress of it:  feeling she is owed what she isn't, figuring out loopholes, trying out manipulative phrases, lying to herself until it feels like the truth.  I wonder if she feels smart and proud.

Oh, and the store she was having had cheaper prices and free delivery?  I called it later, in a sort of spy-mode as a potential customer and asked about the furniture pricing and delivery.  The price was significantly more and the delivery was several hundred dollars (MUCH more than ours).  I didn't get crappy and press the woman into giving me free delivery because it didn't matter.  It was more than obvious that our customer was LYING.

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