Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's time to talk about wedding registries again.

All of a sudden, we are in bridal season again and I feel the need to talk about registries.  Specifically, what I see as a clerk and how you can use my knowledge!

You have to do a registry.  I know, you don't need anything because you are 37, wildly successful, and have been cohabiting since you were 19.  But if you don't do a registry, your family is probably going to bitch, so take an evening an register a couple places.  Real Simple magazine online recommended registering at a brick and mortar store to appease old fogey guests, and as a brick and mortar store worker, I have to agree that you should just do it.

1.  Don't register for cleaning products.  I mean, you can put them on there if you want, but I have NEVER sold a mop off a registry, not even to your cool, understanding friends who make a habit of buying the practical items on registries.

2.  Duh, don't register for things you don't want or need, but do register for things that you want but are maybe a little ridiculous and frivolous.  Things like cake plates, tagines, crazy glass vases, whatever.  So many registry tips say "don't register for gadgets you won't use."  I'm not talking about gadgets.  I'm talking about that weird awesome thing you saw on your favorite lifestyle blog that might just make your life complete.  These are the "cool things you'd never buy for yourself" and that is what your guests want to buy for you.

3.  Aunts love to buy the following items:  dinnerware, china, flatware, glasses and stemware, and table linens.  If you need these items and you have aunts, put these on your registry.

4.  Let's pretend there is something huge and expensive that you really want, but you know none of your guests will be able to afford it.  Never underestimate the rich, procrastinating uncle who will see that on your registry and buy a hefty giftcard.

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