Saturday, April 11, 2009

4.11 part 2: Woman Doctor Race

Another thing customers might do is throw their TITLE around. I had this happen today again. A woman came in to pick up some things that she had put on hold 14 days ago and they were not there. I go through the holds weekly and put things away according to dates on the hold tags.

She didn't realize that I was the clerk that she had talked to in the first place, so she told me how she "TOLD the girl" she "WOULD be back" and would be "spending a lot of money." I reminded her gently how I was the one that had helped her.

I felt genuinely bad because she actually DID come back. Usually when people put things on hold, they do not come back. I listened to her complaints and told her how we would fix the situation. But it didn't seem enough for her.

When I was taking her name, she used her title of DOCTOR Blanknblank. Last week she was just Mary Blanknblank. Being a doctor is supposed to get her more respect and service? I'm going to work harder for her if she is an important DOCTOR??

I once had a woman say to me: "I'm a doctor, so I'm very busy." But she still had time to be a menace in the store. We are all humans. And just because you may have a title of doctor does not automatically mean that your time is more precious than mine or that you are better than me. Doctor of 4.11.09, you have been added to my list of shitty, potentially quasi-doctors that treat customer service workers like shit just because we work retail.

When I was unphased by her doctor title, it seemed she tried to make things personal, as though I put the items back because they were hers. Seriously?

All assholes are created equal.


  1. *sigh* why are people so annoying?

  2. Since you're close to the border, you'll have to let everyone know if there's a disparity between the % of assholes in the US v. Canada. My money's on the US taking the cake but I'd be interested to know.

  3. After reading and publishing American Asshole's comment and then rereading my own post, I am sticking with my observation that people are assholes everywhere. I may have more U.S. assholes, but that would only be because of the larger number of U.S. customers. During Canadian holidays, we see an increased number of Canadian customers, often ones that are high maintenance and crappy, but I don't think I am ready to judge one country more asshole-y than another.