Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today was a calm Freak Out Wednesday. I was the one freaking out and bringing up the damn returned umbrella story in order to talk about it, get over it, and forget about it.

Lately I have been feeling gross and flabby. I am very lazy and do not "work out," but my roommate and I have been going on long walks uphill in order to elevate our heart rates and work our gluts.

Then I was thinking about all the time I spend at work, pacing, unwatched and alone. There will be whole afternoons passed, nary a customer in sight, with just me and the phone. Even when I am on the main floor, there are 15 minutes spans where I might not help anyone.

I have decided to use this time to do some of the weird, painful Plyometrics exercises that my roommate learned in her jogging class. Reading them off the sheet, they sound so easy, but you quickly find out how much your muscles are neglected and undisciplined.

I can't do all of them; I have narrowed it down to the quieter ones that won't require running:
1. Lunges
2. Butt kickers
3. High knees
4. Calve raises
5. Duck walk (forward and backward)
6. Toe taps
7. Cartoon jumps
8. Quick jumps

So if you spot a weird girl exercising at work, know that she is just trying to move her blood.

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