Thursday, April 30, 2009

Suzy Smiles

There is a customer that comes in occasionally with a big backpack. She buys kitchen gadgets and leaves the packaging and talks in a really sweet, high pitched voice. I think she is a little crazy or did way too many mushrooms. No matter what she is talking about, she is all giggles and smiles. Sometimes it can really get on my nerves.

She came in yesterday, her usual perky self, and mentioned how much she liked the music. My near-by merchandising co-worker and I shared a fleeting look of skepticism with mirrored eyebrow rises. The customer left after saying thank you five times.

I gave my co-worker the info on Suzy Smiles. My co-worker said "I wish I could be that happy about everything all the time." That would be a change. What would the world be like if I was always smiling about everything? As I am now, pessimistic but hopeful with equal parts of sarcasm, days can be shitty, even if they are hilarious.

Maybe I should have done more drugs.

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