Sunday, May 29, 2011

It takes 43 muscles to frown

Yesterday I was extremely cheerful and peppy and many of my co-workers were also in disgustingly good moods.  The customers, however, were not.  There are always a few curmudgeons, but nearly everyone I had contact with yesterday was grumpy and negative and foul.  I wrote a little note on a piece of paper:

"Everyone today is SO grumpy and negative."

I showed it discreetly to my co-worker in between customers.  She smiled and nodded in agreement.  After we closed the doors at the end of the day, we felt beat down.  Are we the only happy people in the world?  What the hell is up with all the grumpypants?

Some theories included a full moon (though I have since looked and the moon is not full; it is a waning cresent.  you know how crazy people get when there is a waning cresent moon.) and the parade happening a few blocks away.   

Lighten up people.  Your stress is killing you.  And you are stressing out over baskets, coffee makers, and house warming gifts for people you don't even like.  Therefore, it is like you are being killed slowly by baskets, coffee makers, and house warming gifts.  Embarrassing!

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  1. Please do forgive me for commenting on these posts. They resonated with the way I have felt at other points in my career. The grumpy oftentimes forget that "if you cry, you cry alone" or they could all just be bullies, which is the view I favor. A book that has helped me immensely and I have read repeatedly is Norm Feuti "pretending you care: the retail employees' handbook". At the moment, my life at work is as low stress as possible, due to positive customer comments. Heck even when I make them angry, they go compliment me. It befuddles me, but I think the humorous lessons in his paperback are responsible. Check it out at the Library, if nothing else.