Thursday, January 3, 2013

another jerk

Also, I made a self-deprecating joke to a customer today when I misread her weird name on her credit card, something about how I can't read or type, which was supposed to be completely ridiculous and nonsensical.  It was absurd.  She took it as some sort of apology I think and in a snotty tone implied that I must be a college student.

Part of me was flattered because she thought I was one of those young college kids, but I also thought she was a shit brick for not getting my humor.  Or maybe she thought she was really clever and was making a superior joke.  If so, I would consider her joke a failure as it produced no smiles, laughs, or chuckles, and her punch line, if that was her punch line, was poorly timed.

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is gorgeous! i came across it like a week ago, and since then i have been reading it every day. i've worked as a waitress for years, and kind of know the issues you've been talking about.
    My best wishes to you!