Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm high on my caffeine horse

This week was interesting because I caught TWO crazy coffee maker phone calls.  Both of the calls were aggressive, angry males.  Both of them questioned my expertise.  When I gave an answer meant to lighten the situation, they became even more aggressive.  They were taking the whole "I'll be the one asking the questions!" VERY VERY SERIOUSLY to a point of riducousness.  Both calls were asking extremely vague, hypothetical questions which could not really have a firm answer and then getting very mad at me for not telling them exactly the answer that they wanted to hear.  I tried the honesty tactic and they cut me off, telling me I was trying to take advantage of them.

Ugh.  I cannot even write about it anymore.  They were SO VILE and HATEFUL and RIDICULOUS.  Their questions were STUPID and they were ABUSIVE!  My first instinct was to be upset over a potential lost sale, but when I think back on it, I am glad they didn't shop with us because they were awful and hateful before they even had any merchandise.  I don't want them bringing their hate into the store.

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