Friday, January 11, 2013

maybe you are a beautiful and unique snowflake

Today I helped a very pleasant woman with her return.  While I was processing her return, she was looking at me and then let loose a stream of compliments regarding my appearance and manner.  I was a bit taken aback by this and wondered if she was wacky or going to try something shitty in a moment. She smiled a lot, made thoughtful and positive comments regarding our store staff, expressed why she liked shopping here and then moved on after wishing me a nice day.

While thinking about the experience this evening, I was saddened that I questioned her motives because she was complimentary. Without being too boastful, I will admit that her observations were qualities that I strive for and in which I take a bit of pride.  So often people make assumptions and say strange and rude things that are not true; have I reached a point where I don't trust what anyone says, even when they may be accurate?  Am I fearful of a compliment?  Or are genuine compliments so rare that they now make me feel strange?

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