Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a full moon part 1

Yesterday was awesome! We were sort of busy and the customers were crazy! My day started with a woman yelling at me because we didn't have her soap refills, facilitating a $300 return of napkins and placemats, and overhearing a conversation about how outrageous the price of birdseed has become.

Whenever there are strange customer incidents, my manager explains it away by saying "well, it's a full moon tonight." Isn't it fun to blame our actions on events beyond our control? Other excuses include: lunchtime, Spring time, menopause, Christmas, weddings, allergies, and Saturdays. And since today is Friday the 13th, I am sure that will be used as an excuse as well.

Yesterday I helped a customer. Let's call her Annie. I wouldn't call her a Problem Customer, but she is a little bit high maintenance. I sort of freaked her out when I called her by name. "How did you know my name?" she asked. "Oh, I just remember names, I guess," was my kind, modest response. One of my favorite former co-workers would remember and call many customers by name. And not in a forced supermarket policy kind of way, but just remembering because they were regulars. It is brilliant because it sort of shakes them up and makes the shopping experience more personal and human. Many times, they will then ask for my name, as though they have just realized for the first time that I am a person too and I know all about the shit they buy for their home.

But Annie didn't ask my name. I think she just thinks I'm a weirdo.

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